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    Tumor Donations

    In order to speed the discovery of improved therapies, ACC patients with an upcoming surgery may consider donating part of their tumors for research. It is free, won’t interfere with your treatment, maintains your privacy and is reversible if you should change your mind. The tissue is most valuable if cooled or frozen immediately after surgery, so ask your surgeon about tumor donations and complete the appropriate forms prior to surgery. Otherwise, your tumor is likely to be fixed in paraffin, limiting the types of studies that may be performed on it.

    There are two established alternatives for getting your tumor from the operating room to researchers working on ACC.

    (A) The following institutions are part of a collaborative Salivary Gland Tumor Biorepository supported by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) and ACCRF:

    • MD Anderson
    • Johns Hopkins University
    • Rhode Island Hospital
    • University of Mississippi
    • University of Pittsburgh
    • University of Virginia

    If you are having your surgery at one of these academic medical centers, they may ensure that your tumor and relevant clinical information become "banked" in the proper form and available later for researchers. Simply confirm with your surgeon that the appropriate paperwork is in place prior to surgery.

    (B) If your surgery will occur at an institution other than those listed above, please consider having the tumor sent (at no cost to you) to the University of Virginia´s ACC Registry. Please contact them early because they often need 7-10 days advance notice to make arrangements with your hospital. For questions or assistance with the tumor donation process, you or a relative may contact Craig Rumpel by email (crumpel@virginia.edu) or phone (434-982-6453). When you email or call, please provide the date of the surgery, the institution where the surgery will be performed, and the tumor location.

    Your tumor donation will bring closer the day when new therapies will benefit ACC patients.

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