Peer Support

In addition to learning from the information on this site, you also may learn from the wealth of experience housed in the ACC patient community. Information from peer-to-peer groups should not substitute for the advice of an experienced physician, but it may provide useful perspectives and emotional support.


Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Organization International (ACCOI) partners with ACCRF to educate and support ACC patients. ACCOI moderates a Facebook group that enables a community of caring patients, caregivers, family members and friends to share insights and ideas on treatment plans, side effects  and other issues of concern. ACCOI also moderates Facebook groups for subsets of ACC patients, such as those with ACC of the breast or vulva.

These additional peer-to-peer groups also may be helpful:

ACC Sharing Info and Support (Facebook)

ACC Survivor Family and Friends (Facebook)

ACC Warriors (Facebook)

Salivary Gland Cancer UK (United Kingdom)

Macmillan Cancer Support: ACC Forum (United Kingdom)

Patiëntenvereniging Speekselklierkanker (Netherlands)

Kellie’s Krew (Financial Assistance)

ACCKT (Kids and Teens)

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