• Resources for Researchers

    Resources for ResearchersThe primary role of ACCRF is to support the research community in its efforts to understand and treat ACC. Certainly, the field has suffered from a lack of funding and the foundation seeks to address that issue. However, there are other significant obstacles to rare disease research that need to be addressed: the lack of specimens and models, dispersed data sets and inadequate communication among interested researchers.

    This section of the website seeks to facilitate ACC research by serving as a clearinghouse for ACC-related information on biobanking, cell lines, mouse models, data sets and grants. ACCRF plans to update the website as needed and welcomes comments and suggestions that will make the resource more helpful for researchers. Researchers should feel free to contact ACCRF if they are unable to access these resources themselves.

    Whenever there is a significant advance in the development of new resources, ACCRF will seek to inform all interested parties. In order to receive such information, researchers may wish to sign up for ACCRF email updates by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.