• Dr. Christopher Moskaluk

    Dr. Christopher Moskaluk

    With an extraordinary commitment to collaboration, Dr. Christopher Moskaluk has accelerated ACC research, contributing to progress in animal models, drug discovery and clinical trials.

    Dr. Moskaluk serves as Chair of the Pathology Department and a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at the University of Virginia. He also leads the cancer center’s efforts in translational research infrastructure, making biospecimens and preclinical models available to other researchers.

    Over the past two decades, Dr. Moskaluk has become a world expert on ACC. His mouse xenograft models have been instrumental in cell culture development, genomics and preclinical drug screening. He has worked to identify novel drug targets in ACC, bringing along colleagues to assist in bioinformatics, medicinal chemistry and clinical trial development. Dr. Moskaluk’s work directly led to the initiation of the study of the drug dovitinib in ACC patients. In addition to the impressive research of his own lab, he also has facilitated and contributed enormously to the important findings of outside labs.

    On behalf of the entire ACC patient community, ACCRF salutes Dr. Moskaluk for his remarkable impact on the field of ACC research.