• ACCRF Scientific Advisory Board

    ACCRF Meeting April 6 2012ACCRF’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) has been fundamental to all the foundation’s activities, laying the groundwork for the remarkable research progress of the past several years. The SAB members come from the best cancer research institutions in the world and they have demonstrated leadership in understanding cancer biology as well as developing improved therapies for patients in the clinic. With incredibly high demands on its time, this group has selflessly donated its focus and deep expertise to brightening the outlook for ACC patients.

    Since its inception, the SAB has not been content to passively review research proposals submitted by investigators. Instead, ACCRF’s scientific advisors have proactively charted a course to ask the critical research questions that must be answered to treat patients more effectively. Furthermore, they have led the charge to identify the researchers best suited to answering the critical questions, providing ongoing guidance throughout the studies.

    Cancer research is an incredibly complex and uncertain endeavor. There are many potential avenues to pursue, many promising claims to be assessed and many pitfalls for the uninitiated. Thankfully, the ACCRF SAB provides a balance of seasoned perspective and access to cutting edge research concepts. ACC patients are incredibly fortunate to benefit from the wise counsel of ACCRF’s scientific advisors.

    For a list of SAB members, please follow this link.