• Strategy

    ACCRF implements a strategy focused on three goals:

    1. Build a community of interested researchers
      • Sponsoring conferences focused on adenoid cystic carcinoma
      • Involving multiple institutions in the foundation’s activities
      • Establishing a clearinghouse of information and contacts for ACC-focused researchers and clinicians
    2. Develop and implement an innovative plan of action
      • Following the guidance of an exceptional Scientific Advisory Board
      • Proactively initiating projects that conform to a coherent and logically-sequenced research agenda
      • Accelerating research by contracting for deliverables within clear timeframes as well as ensuring rapid and broad sharing of research findings
    3. Engage patients in support of research

    ACCRF plans expansively and acts globally. Projects run the gamut from basic research through to drug screening of combined therapies, with the ultimate goal of supporting clinical trials. Researchers have been funded in Australia, China, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.